short production cycle



fashion is faster than ever before

Everybody involved in the fashion industry will agree that today trends are evolving much faster than ever before. Only those companies whose strategies are adapted to this fact will be able to capture most of the value the fashion market offers.

This phenomenom forces the retail companies around the world to decrease substantially the "time-to-market" for their collections, and even to present collections on a continuous basis over the year. The "speed" is now a crucial competitive asset.

With this philosophy we approach the knitwear production: striving to react faster and faster to customer requirements. We are a "fast paced" company; all our staff, operational procedures, IT systems and factories are aligned to never delay our customers´ orders.

product development

Every season our product managers attend the most influential trade fairs worlwide - such as Pitti Filati, SpinExpo or ExpoFil - to get the market perception of what the next trends will be. We anticipate those trends and offer to our customers pre-prototypes and trend-leads well ahead of the production season.



prototype/counter samples production

The customer technical notes are never stopped, we quickly arrange the prototype production in our factories. Likewise, for many of our production lines we keep material in stock. This allows us to make prototypes faster while keeping material and quality consistency. For special cases we deliver prototypes by courier in 24 hours.


fast bulk production

With yearly capacity agreements with our core factories we ensure our orders will proceed smoothly and with no delays.