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The cashmere is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. Its production is very limited due to the shortage of raw material quality and complex manufacturing process.
 It is obtained from the Kashmir goat and the best quality of this wool is determinate for its heat capacity, three times more heating that standard wool. For the preparation, only the thinnest fibers are used, culled during the special process applicated to the wool. Despite being one of the most exclusive fabrics, also has its crown jewel: the Sublime baby cashmere, with the most delicate items in our catalog are produced. 
For several years we have we are manufacturing 100% cashmere sweaters for several international firms. Place their trust in us because of the experience and precision when developing the final garment. The quality of jersey and finishes must keep up the fabric it has been made and when we speak of cashmere, are talking about the highest possible quality.