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For years the local Chinese market has had a marginal weight in the global sales for many fashion retailers; but now the scenario is changing, given the accelerated growth of China the need for efficiency in this market is everyday becoming more important.

Some efficiency sources are related to the growing part of production that is made in China and that is intended to the local Chinese market. Many suppliers can handle export process very efficiently but have serious problems to issue invoices in local currency, transferring in this way serious operational difficulties to the retailers. This fact obliged the chains to use a lengthy and expensive process of exporting just to import back these goods again; wasting time, money and natural resources.

In response to these necessities our company is now able to invoice our goods in local currency and with a local VAT license; making simpler and more efficient the life to our customers.

We expect that this process simplification will bring not only supply chain efficiency but also a better product customization to local tastes and the ability to organize short-cycle productions in China.